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Have you ever thought that you can't belong to a church because you don't believe what "those people" believe?  Many of us who attend Westminster have had that same thought!  And if you were to ask a few of us about our own personal spiritual beliefs, you'd find that no two people believe the exact same thing.  At Westminster, we like to acknowledge and celebrate this diversity, while trying to meet the spiritual needs of each congregation member.

That said, there are certainly beliefs that we hold in common.  We belong to a church because we believe that it is a vehicle for doing good in a world that so desperately needs it.  Many of us feel that Jesus set an admirable standard for peace and justice and try in our own ways to live up to that standard.  We hope that you'll consider joining us at Westminster as we work to make the world a better place!

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the risen Jesus Easter cross He is risen! Easter eggs and flowers Happy Easter!
Sask Conference Presidents Easter Message

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At noon on Monday I looked out the front door of our house the sun was shining brightly and there wasn’t a speck of snow to be seen. At 7:00 p.m. that evening there was heavy wet snow covering everything – perhaps more snow than we’ve seen in Regina all winter. It happened so fast.

That’s the way the gospel accounts describe Easter. One moment Jesus was gone. He had died on the cross and was buried. Then there was the empty tomb.

There has been endless debate on what happened. Did Jesus physically rise from the tomb, his body re-animated and alive like before? Or is this a way of describing how the disciples felt after the crucifixion and burial – that it was as if Jesus was still with them.

I rather like the latter explanation – it opens for me the possibility that I can experience the person of Jesus in my life two thousand years later. When I strive to follow his teachings to love one another as he loved; and, to include the least, the last and the lost in the circle, I know his presence with me and with all of us. This makes the resurrection more than just a magic trick in which God pulls Jesus instead of a rabbit out of a hat.

In my role as Conference President I attended the meeting of the General Council in Corner Brook and I have been visiting our Presbyteries throughout the year.

In these places I have seen and heard expressed great love for our church. Yet, I have also seen tired people and heard of the difficulty in getting people to take on responsibility for the tasks of the church.

We see this in congregations that have made the difficult decision of disbanding because the only people left are getting older and can no longer take on the responsibility of keeping the church alive where they are.

So where is the good news in this? Where is resurrection?

A few weeks ago, when Carolyn and I were in the church where we worship, I watched the children leave the sanctuary after “Children’s Time.” They didn’t walk out calmly – they ran with great exuberance on their way to a time of singing and then their church school classes.

I commented to someone that morning that it might be dangerous to be in the aisle at that time such was the enthusiasm of the children. This is what we all want – children who are excited about church (and who grow up to be adults excited about church); children and adults enlivened by the gospel message of love and hope that Jesus taught and that the church continues to proclaim. In this is resurrection. In this hope is to be found.

Jesus said that a little child shall lead us. In the obvious delight of those children at being in church that morning (and every other Sunday morning that I have seen them), I saw hope for the future and my day was made joyous.

I know that many have been saying for a long time that we need to keep our young people in church. If we only had a formula for doing that! Still, it will be some of the children I saw racing down the aisle to go to singing and classes and others like them from across the country who will be the leadership of the church in years ahead. In many ways they are already leading us.

This may be a church unlike the one in which I grew up – and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But, it will still be the church; and, by the grace of God the good news of Jesus Christ will still be proclaimed.

The promise remains: Easter – every Easter – is a time of true resurrection for each of us and for all of us as a part of The United Church of Canada and the whole of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!

John Haas
President, Saskatchewan Conference

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With faith in God and the
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in the lives we touch.

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We are a vibrant, welcoming,
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The Kirkin' o' the Tartans
Scottish dance

The Sons of Scotland joined us on Sunday April 3 for a worship service that featured the Kirkin’ o’ the Tartans.

Almost Spring Supper
Almost Spring Supper

Good food and good company were enjoyed by a lively crowd at the Almost Spring Supper last Saturday (19th March).

Faith study goes into overtime
Faith study: Saving Jesus Redux

A group of 9 or 10 people have been meeting for faith study throughout Lent, using multi-media materials published as “Saving Jesus Redux” – saving a relevant Jesus for the 21st century. The materials are so engaging and thought-provoking that the group has chosen to continue the sessions after Easter.

Refugee Family Here!

Our Burmese (Karenni) refugee family arrived on Thursday, Feb 11, and are settling into their new home.

Coffee-Time Fundraising for Refugees
Barbara Wickstrom fundraising for refugee fund

Barbara Wickstrom is seen here selling her colourful crocheted caps during after-service coffee time on Nov 29 to raise funds for the refugee sponsorship fund. They look like a great buy for a Christmas present or for yourself!


Welcome, Newcomers!

On Sunday, October 18th the congregation of Westminster United Church heartily welcomed 17 new members by transfer of membership to the life of their church! These people were mostly from Zion United Church in Regina, which closed in May 2015. Others were from Brora (which closed in June) and from Rouleau. At this time others were also recognized who have been attending regularly or part-time in the past 6 months. The congregation is pleased that their church feels like a good church home for so many and looks forward to sharing in church life as they join in working toward the Mission Statement of Westminster United Church: “With faith in God, and the love of Jesus Christ, we make a difference in the lives we touch.” Newcomers are always welcome!

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Our Mission

With faith in God and the love of Christ, we make a difference in the lives we touch.