What We Believe

Have you ever thought that you can't belong to a church because you don't believe what "those people" believe?  Many of us who attend Westminster have had that same thought!  And if you were to ask a few of us about our own personal spiritual beliefs, you'd find that no two people believe the exact same thing.  At Westminster, we like to acknowledge and celebrate this diversity, while trying to meet the spiritual needs of each congregation member.

That said, there are certainly beliefs that we hold in common.  We belong to a church because we believe that it is a vehicle for doing good in a world that so desperately needs it.  Many of us feel that Jesus set an admirable standard for peace and justice and try in our own ways to live up to that standard.  We hope that you'll consider joining us at Westminster as we work to make the world a better place!

For an overview of beliefs of the United Church of Canada, click here.


Our Mission Statement

With faith in God and the
love of Jesus Christ,
we will make a difference
in the lives we touch.

Our Vision Statement

We are a vibrant, welcoming,
Christian community
sharing in service to all.

Who We Are

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Our History

Westminster United Historic Building Sketch

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Elevator Bench Arrives
Sheila trying out new bench new bench by elevator door new bench memorial plaque

The new bench for the elevator entrance looks elegant and welcoming! Its simple comfortable curves are set off by an attractive solid metal commemorative plaque. It sits proudly on the pad built by PropComm volunteers in September. After modelling the bench for this photo, Sheila observed that offering a cushion to those needing to use the bench in cold weather would be a real kindness!


Congregation Embraces Refugee Sponsorship
congregational meeting - front of hall congregational meeting - back of hall

On All Saints Day (Nov 1) the Westminster congregation voted to move forward on refugee sponsorship, as an emergent issue. Two other projects approved at the meeting were upgrading our multi-media display technology to a level commensurate with our use of this technology, and launching a “Mom’s Morning Out” to reach out to mothers of pre-schoolers in our community. The lower hall was packed for this meeting – as it usually is for after-service coffee and fellowship.


Welcome, Newcomers!

On Sunday, October 18th the congregation of Westminster United Church heartily welcomed 17 new members by transfer of membership to the life of their church! These people were mostly from Zion United Church in Regina, which closed in May 2015. Others were from Brora (which closed in June) and from Rouleau. At this time others were also recognized who have been attending regularly or part-time in the past 6 months. The congregation is pleased that their church feels like a good church home for so many and looks forward to sharing in church life as they join in working toward the Mission Statement of Westminster United Church: “With faith in God, and the love of Jesus Christ, we make a difference in the lives we touch.” Newcomers are always welcome!

Thanksgiving Imagery at Westminster
Thanksgiving display photo

This year’s Thanksgiving display offering was particularly colourful and moving. That’s Rina hidden behind the sheaf of wheat as the closing notes of the postlude are just dying away. (Click image to enlarge.)

Sick? In Hospital?
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Worship Service:

Sundays 10:30 am

Babycare available in the nursery

Coffee time and fellowship

Most Sundays following service

Our Mission

With faith in God and the love of Christ, we make a difference in the lives we touch.